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Please call 908-234-2311, or email, to learn how to connect with our college guidance team!

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Lisa Graf, Senior Advisor

Lisa is our senior college coach with over seven years of experience in advising. Before joining the Chandler dream team, Lisa was a senior marketing and advertising executive with over 16 years of in-depth branding, positioning, and consulting experience. Lisa has contributed to and led many strategic advertising campaigns for top agencies and companies, including Ogilvy, Capgemini, Grant/Jacoby, and DDB Worldwide. In addition, she has experience in delivering results in direct response broadcast television, consumer advertising, healthcare, and business-to-business campaigns. Outside of the Chandler Admissions Advisors, Lisa enjoys cheering on her alma mater, The University of Michigan, at football and basketball games and spending time with her two beloved daughters, dog, and cat. Lisa is also an accomplished classical pianist and music composer and has enjoyed teaching music for over 18 years while serving local music nonprofits in the Princeton community. Lisa has a passion for storytelling and branding “the student.” Her goal is to help every student create human connections and share their unique experiences through their essays and college applications.

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