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We offer Skype tutoring sessions. Our tutors are equipped with iPads and 27 inch iMac computers to fully accommodate each session. Tutors can create a virtual chalkboard that the student can collaborate with from home. Skype tutoring sessions are ideal for students who are away at boarding school or college, travel a lot on the weekends or during the summer, can’t arrive at the center or need to cut down travel time, or live in another country.

We've trained thousands of
students over the past fifteen
years, and we've learned a lot along the way.

We put a tremendous amount of time and energy into adjusting our presentation and improving our effectiveness. We are very familiar with the curriculums of many of the local schools.  We also know the particular problems that give students the most trouble.   

We pride ourselves on the variety that we bring to our sessions.

We are known for adjusting to each student on the fly with our extensive resources.  We do not follow a particular script in our sessions, but instead make sure that we are well-versed in many scripts. Our experience allows us to quickly determine the key issues and maximize the time that we have with our students.

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